Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a true no kill rescue facility and has been rescuing dogs from our local shelter since 1999.  Our goal is to rescue and find forever homes for as many unwanted dogs as possible. Our rescue efforts include  educational programs for our local youth that focus on the proper care of family pets and the importance of spay/neuter programs. 

Another primary goal and mission is to provide the local wildlife species vast habitat in which to live without human interaction. With 2000 acres, Horse Creek Wildlife’s natural habitat areas are managed and maintained in a manner consistent with this mission.

Your donation will help pay for basic care and medical costs for our rescue dogs, help continue our educational programs for the youth, and ensure our habitat areas remain a safe haven for the wildlife.

To donate, please send your check to:

Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
13780 Highway 69
Savannah, TN 38372
Horse Creek Wildlife is a nonprofit 501 C 3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. Once a donation is received we will send a receipt letter for your  tax deduction records.